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What Is Included:

  • Theme installation on web hosting (To get the project launched on time, client should share with us hosting and FTP access details.)
  • Hosting setup as per the theme’s requirements (We’ll check if the selected hosting is compatible with your theme. We’ll also adjust the hosting to suit your web theme perfectly well. If you haven’t chosen a hosting yet, our team will help you select the best solution.)
  • Default plugins activation and setup.
  • Demo content replacement (We will replace demo content with the content provided by a client and publishing it on a client’s website. We will publish content on 5 web pages and 10 blog posts.)
  • Theme customization (We add a client’s logo to the theme and personalize the color scheme according to the customer’s requirements.)
  • Website contact details setup (We publish and create a contact form on a client’s website. We can also set up maps upon a customer’s request.)
  • 2 revisions (Revisions allows clients better personalize their websites and get better results from the All-in-One Ready-to-Use Website Service.)
  • SEO Configuration (We will make the required changes, assist you through all aspects of on-site optimization and make sure that your website is properly crawled by search engines. This offer will help you in optimizing up to 6 pages of your website, get them indexed, and enhance an overall website performance.)
  • Adding WordPress plugins to improve your website’s performance
    - Onpage SEO plugin to help you with SEO Optimization of your pages
    - Google Analytics plugin to track your visitors
    - Advanced editor for posts and pages to make editing easier
    - Image Optimizer to reduce sizes of your images for web without losing quality
    - Sitemap plugin to generate sitemap.xml for your website and automatically update it after any change you make (vital for search engines)
    - Plugin to change login page URL to secure it from hackers attacks
    - Plugin for customization of admin panel.)
  • Improve website security (We install and setup plugins for better website security; improve website database security; secure the most common WordPress issues.)
  • Working with a project manager (You can discuss project details with the assigned project manager, stay in touch with him/her whenever you need help, and track status of your project.)
  • 15 high-quality images (We provide you access to 15 high-quality pictures from (you can replace default pictures with high-quality Depositphotos images).)

How It Works:

Collecting information (from 15 min)
After your order is confirmed, our team will get in touch with you to ask for the details required to complete the service. We will need access details of your hosting account where the template will be installed. In case you are not having compatible hosting, our support team will guide you to select and register one with the desired domain name.

It is also necessary to share with us all the content for your pages and blog posts, along with instructions for content placement. You can share the required details by replying to the project manager's email or using a file-sharing service. In case you have any queries, your project manager will be happy to help you.

Completing All-in-One Ready-to-use Website services (from 6 to 10 business days (depending on a plan))
Once we get all the data, our team will install the template on your hosting and do the customization. In particular, our team will add your logo and content, change colors (if required), and initiate the contact form. At any stage, you will be able to track your project’s status with your project manager.

On-page SEO optimization (up to 20 business days)
If you have purchased All-in-One service, we will also conduct fully-featured on-page SEO optimization of your website. You will be in touch with our team of SEO experts who will:

  • analyze the organic performance of your site
  • integrate Google Search Console
  • do keyword mapping and local keyword targeting
  • create meta tags and internal links
  • plan your SEO competitive strategy

Reviewing & finishing up (from 15 min)
Once our team completes template customization, you will be able to check and approve the results. If you want to make any changes or edit anything at this stage, two free revisions are available. You can discuss all the details of the additional fixes and changes with your project manager.

Once the project is finalized and approved, we’ll share with you the login and password details to access the admin panel. You’ll be able to log in to manage the site and make further customizations as required.

You Need Provide:

  • cPanel plus FTP and MySQL access to your hosting
  • Colors that are to be changed in the template
  • Content (images and texts) for informational pages and blog posts
  • Logo (preferably in .SVG)
  • RGB codes of new colors
  • Detailed content placement instructions

With more advanced All-in-One plans, you will get more configuration options provided by our experts. We give affordable prices for outstanding quality, as we have a professional team of developers and project managers.

What will you get with the top-tier All-in-One Ready-to-use Website services?

  • Quick content upload. Your assigned project manager will ask you for the required information and guide you to share it in the required format.
  • General configurations according to your website type. We’ll customize the contact form, map, location, social network links implementation, etc., and other elements as per your request.
  • On-page SEO. A wise on-site SEO strategy is essential for the success of your website. Our team will customize up to six pages of your website SEO-ready. Your website will also get niche analysis, semantic work, and further development strategy (provided for the English language);
  • Plugins installation. We’ll add the most beneficial and reliable plugins to your site. You will also receive a bunch of tools to create your website managing and editing quick and effortless.
  • Security. We provide the best level of protection from hackers and spam attacks for your website. You’ll have 9-month guarantee from our team so that you can rest ensured that nothing bad will occur to your site during the first months after it is launched.
  • Additional copywriting services. We give up to 1800 words of extra SEO copywriting to enhance your website ranking. You can contact your personal project manager to discuss all details.
  • Finest images set. By purchasing the service, you will also receive a set of 15 images of the finest and highest resolution, which you can apply on your site. You can use them instead of the default pictures that you have received with your web theme. The images are taken from Freepik.
  • Menu and permalinks configuration. The concerned team will take care of adding a personalized look and feel to the main menu and categories of your website as per your specific requirements.
  • GDPR and CCPA suite. Your website will comply with the laws on the storage and use of customer personal data, which helps you to target customers from Western Europe and Western America. We will add the cookies and privacy policy rules and banners on your website as per your country’s laws.
  • Email subscription form and social network feed setup. Keep your clients updated with the most effective marketing channels. With the Mailchimp setup, you’ll have an opportunity to manage marketing email campaigns and promote your products more productively. We’ll also add up to 2 feeds from your social media pages on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/ Linkedin to help your site gather the required information from all marketing channels that you use.
  • 20 hours of the developer. If you need any extra customization, you can use 20 hours of web developer services for additional modifications that are not listed in the services. Agreed on these customizations with the project manager to make sure whether these hours fulfill the required customization needs.


How long will it take to complete All-in-One Ready-to-Use Website service?
The website template customization services may take up to 5 to 8 business days to do the installation and configuration of the template. To complete the project on the dedicated time, you need to share with us your content with clear instructions for content placement. Once the service is completed, two free revisions are available. Additional revisions may also impact the time to launch your website. The sooner you instruct us what edits you want us to make, the sooner we’ll make the changes. We will keep working on your website’s SEO improvement for 20 days after your website setup is completed.

Is it possible for you to deliver template installation and content integration faster?
Yes, for an additional fee, we can create and launch your site faster. Get in touch with our support team, specify when you need your site to be ready, and what template you want to use. Our support team will guide you with available options.

It is possible to order the All-in-One Ready-to-Use Website service even if I do not have all the content ready yet?
Yes, you can share with our team your content page by page, at your own pace. You don't have any time limits to gather content and images. However, we will start adding content to your site only after all the materials are ready. You can discuss all these details with your project manager. If you haven’t created content for your website yet, you may use our content service available in the all-in-one package and use pictures from Freepik.

Will you install a template on my hosting?
Yes, a template can be installed on existing hosting, you just have to share with us the correct access details. Make sure that the hosting should be compatible with the chosen theme. However, if you are not having a hosting account yet, we can guide you to choose and register a new hosting account that will match your requirements.

Do I have to check that my hosting is compatible with a template?
Yes, need to. It is compulsory to make sure that your hosting account matches the requirements of the template. All hosting providers are different, some use Linux, and others provide Windows-based accounts, your hosting provider’s support team will share with you these details. If you are not sure what hosting provider to choose, our support team will guide you through the decision-making process.

What should I do if I need to add more content pages?
If you want further changes, we provide website customization services for an extra fee. Get in touch with our support team. They will guide you to choose the required services and specify the pricing.

Will you customize my online store if I have an eCommerce template?
Unfortunately, this service does not include store configuration or additional functionality integration. However, we give a special All-in-One Store Setup offer for our eCommerce themes. You can contact our support team to discuss the necessary services.

When will a project manager contact me to specify details concerning my project? How can I provide my logo and content for the website template customization services?
Once you have made the payment, one of our project managers will get in touch with you to instruct on how to provide your content. You may send it via email or share using one of the file-sharing services.

What if I do not like the final result of All-in-One Ready-to-use Website services?
Once we have completed the project, you will have two free revisions to make sure that installation and customization meet your expectations.

In what language do you provide the website creation service?
Project managers mostly use English to give all instructions related to your project.

For what languages do you provide SEO support?
We provide SEO support for English language. However, all communications with project managers are conducted in English.


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  • Template installation and configuration
    Website SEO optimization
    GDPR & CCPA configuration
    Additional developer's hours
    Personal project manager
    2 free revisions
    ETA: 6 - 8 business days