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Classic Website Customization Service Includes:

  • Theme installation on web hosting (To get the project launched on time, a client should provide us with hosting and FTP access details.)
  • Hosting setup as per the theme’s requirements (We’ll check if the selected hosting matches your theme. We’ll also adjust the hosting to fit your web theme perfectly well. If you haven’t chosen a hosting yet, our managers will help you select the best solution.)
  • Default plugins activation and setup (An exception may be those plugins that should be activated at an extra cost.)
  • Demo content replacement (Replacing demo content with the content provided by a client and publishing it on a client’s website. -Publishing content on 5 web pages and 10 blog posts.)
  • Theme customization (We add a client’s logo to the theme and personalize the color scheme according to the customer’s needs.)
  • Website contact details setup (We publish and set up a contact form on a client’s website. We can also set up maps upon a customer’s request.)
  • 2 revisions (Two minor revisions are included. These revisions expire within two weeks once the project is delivered.)

How Does Classic Website Customization Service Work:

1. Collecting information
Once your order is confirmed, our concerned team will contact you for the necessary details required to complete the service. The hosting account where the template will be installed needs to be accessed by us. If your hosting is not compatible, our support team will guide you to choose and register one desired domain name.
We will also require all the content for your pages and blog posts, along with the proper instructions for content placement. You can simply reply to our project manager's email or use a file-sharing service. In case you have any queries, our project manager will be happy to help you.

2. Completing Classic Website Customization Service
Once all the data is received, we will install the template on your hosting and customize it. In specific, our team will add your logo and content, change colors (if required), and activate the contact form. You will be able to check your project’s status with your project manager anytime.

3. Reviewing & finishing up
You will be able to look over and approve the results, once our team finishes template customization. 2 free revisions will be provided If you want to change or edit anything at this stage. All of the additional fixes and changes can be discussed with your project manager.
Once the project’s approval is finalized, we’ll provide you with the login and password details to access the admin panel. Now you’ll be able to log in, access and manage the site and make further customizations.

To Provide Classic Website Customization Services, We Need the:

  • cPanel plus FTP and MySQL access to your hosting
  • Logo (preferably in .SVG)
  • Colors that are to be changed in the template
  • RGB codes of new colors
  • Content (images and texts) for informational pages and blog posts
  • Detailed content placement instructions

Top Reasons to Try Classic Website Customization Service

If you haven’t worked with CMS platforms and hosting servers before, and do not have knowledge about cPanel, MySQL, and FTP mean, we are here to help you. We have a team of professional designers and developers to keep you away from all the difficulties. Within a few business days (depending on the version you select), you will launch a perfect, fully operational website without spending many hours on template customization.

The process is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to provide us with the login details to your hosting account, share texts and images along with the content placement instructions, and we are there to do the rest. Once we have all the info, our team will start doing this template customization service to make your website live in five to eight business days.

The Classic Website Customization Service implies many aspects and variations. First of all, we’ll start with installing the template you choose on your hosting server and activate it. Then, our team will activate the built-in contact form. After that, the template will be adjusted to meet your requirements within the included website editing services. Our experts will add your logo and change the color scheme to match your corporate color palette. Also, we will add your content up to five pages and ten blog posts, and optimize the site to perform much higher in search engines.

Once we finish the template installation and content integration, we will check that everything works properly. At this stage, we will provide you with two minor revisions for additional fixes and changes to be made within our template customization service. After modifications are done, the website’s admin panel access details will be sent to you, so that you will be able to log in to start handling your site and make further customizations according to the requirement of your website (adding more content, installing plugins, etc.)

One more advantage of our website template customization services is that we will assign you a personal project manager. You can discuss all the details with him/her before the template customization begins. Later, you will also be able to track the status of your website creation project at any stage. In case, you don’t have a hosting account, your project manager and the support team will help you register a fully compatible hosting account with the domain name you require.

Please note:

  • The service is only valid for one website. Advanced coding and layout modifications are not included in the service. However, we can make them for an extra fee;
  • We need you to provide your logo, texts, and high-quality images along with clear instructions for the content placement and color changes. You should provide all the requested info before the project starts, to finish the project in time.
  • Delivery time may vary by 20-40% due to our Production department load or other circumstances;
  • Two minor revisions are included. Once the project is delivered, these revisions expire within two weeks.

Classic Website Customization FAQ

What does Classic Website Customization Service include?
Classic Website Customization Service includes customization of any chosen template with your content. In particular, we will:

  • Install your template;
  • Add your logo;
  • Change the color scheme;
  • Activate the built-in contact form;
  • Add your content to up to 5 template pages;
  • Publishing 10 blog posts.

How long will it take to complete Classic Website Customization Service?
The website template customization services will take up to 5 to 8 business days to install and configure the template. To finish the project on the estimated, you have to provide your content with clear instructions for content placement. Once the service is completed, two minor revisions are available for free. Extra revisions can also impact the time when your site will be launched. The sooner you let us know what edits you want to make, the faster we’ll make the changes.

Can you deliver template installation and content integration faster?
Yes, for an additional fee, we can launch your website faster. Please connect to our support team, specify when you need your site to be ready, and what template you want to use. Our support team will provide you with the best options.

Can I order the Classic Website Customization Service even if I do not have all the content ready yet?
Yes, you can provide our team with your content at your own pace. You can take your time to gather texts and images. We will start adding content to your website once all the materials are ready. You can always discuss all these details with your project manager. We can also offer a Content Writing Service to create high-quality texts for your website if you would like to speed up your site’s launching.

Will you install a template on my hosting?
Yes, a template will be installed on existing hosting, you only need to provide us with the correct access details. The hosting should be compatible with the theme chosen by you. However, if you do not have a hosting account yet, we will guide you choose and register a new hosting account that will match your requirements.

Do I have to check that my hosting is compatible with a template?
Yes, It is necessary to make sure that your hosting account matches the requirements of the chosen template. Every hosting providers are different, some use Linux, and others provide Windows-based accounts, your hosting provider’s support team will share with you the required details. If you are not able to decide which hosting provider to choose, our support team will assist you with the decision-making process.

What should I do if I need to add more content pages?
If you want any additional changes, we also provide website customization services for an extra fee. Feel free to connect to our support team. They will guide you to choose the necessary services and specify the pricing. There is also an option to pay the developers' on an hourly basis.

Will you customize my online store if I have an eCommerce template?
Unfortunately, this service does not include store configuration or any additional functionality integration. We will provide a special All-in-One Store Setup offer for our eCommerce themes. Feel free to contact our support team and decide on the necessary services.

When will a project manager contact me to specify details concerning my project? How can I provide my logo and content for the website template customization services?
Once you make the payment, the concerned project managers will contact you to instruct you on how to provide your content. You can choose the more convenient way by sending it via email or sharing using one of the file-sharing services.

What if I do not like the final result?
Once the project is finished, you will get two minor revisions to ensure that installation and customization are as per your expectations. These revisions expire within two weeks after the project is delivered to you.

In what language do you provide the website creation service?
Our Project managers mostly use English to provide all the instructions related to your project.

Will you help me if I have an existing site (for example, on WIX or Squarespace) but want to migrate to WordPress?
Definitely, we can migrate the content from your existing site to a new template with ease. Choose a template, provide us with instructions on content placement, and our team will do the rest (install the template, fill it with your texts and images, and optimize for a better Google ranking). As part of the Classic Website Customization Service, we will add content to 5 pages of your template and publish 10 blog posts. If you want to migrate the functionality and tools from another CMS to WordPress, our team will manually add the respective features to your new website.


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