Submission Guidelines

Our goal is to make the submission process as seamless as possible.

imw3 enforces these guidelines to ensure only the highest quality items are for sale in the Marketplace. Following the guidelines described on this page will increase the chances of your item being approved, especially as a new Author.


  • Items must not contain nudity, profanity, or anything else that may be considered offensive.
  • Items should be rigorously proofread and be as free from spelling and grammatical errors as reasonably possible.
  • The minimum price for any item on imw3 is $4.99.

Submitting to imw3

  • Item must be mostly unique and may not infringe on the intellectual property rights of another item on imw3.
  • Item description must contain accurate and appropriate information.
  • The product description may not contain any affiliate links or links to your website.
  • All third party assets used should be listed.

Live Demo

  • The live demo link must represent the final destination URL and not use any URL shorteners.
  • The live demo must be exactly the same as the item for sale.
  • The live demo must be free of errors and load within a reasonable timeframe.
  • The live demo should not contain any ads, affiliate links, or links to other websites or pages that are not related to the live demo.
  • The live demo should not contain any other purchasing options other than one to imw3.

Licenses and Attribution

  • If you wish to offer your product under a license under something other than the imw3 default license, simply explain how the licensing for your item works in the Product Description.
  • Third-party assets included in your item must be properly licensed and/or free for commercial use.
  • Documentation for third-party assets used in your item must be included, or available online.