MONARCH Social Share and Follow Plugin


A Complete Overview Of The Monarch Plugin

What Is Monarch?

Monarch is a Social Sharing and Social Following plugin built to get you more share and more followers on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Monarch does this by using various different social sharing integration methods, such as social sharing sidebars, inline sharing buttons, popups and flyin boxes. By encouraging your visitors to share, and making it easy for them to share, Monarch can greatly increase the social sharing activity on your website. In addition, Monarch also helps you get more followers on such social networks by making it easy to link out to your social profiles and display your social follower count. Monarch excels by giving your more effective social sharing methods, and by giving you in-depth design customization options and statistics.

Using Monarch’s Social Sharing Locations

Monarch’s social sharing methods are broken up into different integration “locations.” These locations can be enabled, disabled and customization using the Monarch settings dashboard. Monarch comes with 5 different social sharing locations: Sidebar, Inline, Flyin, Popup and Media. Each of these different locations grabs your visitor’s attention in different ways, giving you a variety of tools for promoting sharing activity on your website.


The floating sidebar is a great way to promote sharing across your entire website. The sidebar places floating buttons on the left side of the screen that follow the visitor as they scroll, giving them an easy way to share no matter where they are on the page. These buttons also break down on mobile devices into a sliding toggle the improve user experience. If you are only going to enabled a single sharing location on your website, then the floating sidebar in a great choice.


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