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Hire a Web Developer – Pay Per Hour Service

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WordPress | WooCommerce | HTML Website | Landing Page

What Web Developer – Pay Per Hour Service Includes:
  • Number of developing hours - From 10 to 30, depending on the package
  • Project manager hours (We guarantee to provide them in each package for free)
  • Tasks of any difficulty (We will make any adjustments you prefer for projects of any complexity)
How it Works:

Collecting Information (from 15 min)
Once the payment is approved, one of our project managers will get in touch with you via email. Kindly, let us know specifically what customizations you want. We will evaluate how much time is required to implement those customizations. We also need screenshots, descriptions, and additional info to get the project done.

Making the Changes (up to 5 business days)
We will perform all approved changes in a template or on a live website. You will be able to track the progress by contacting your project manager via chat or email.

Reviewing & Finishing Up (from 15 min)
Our team will let you know when all manifested customizations are complete. After that, you will check the work to approve the results. In case you want something to be changed or fixed, please advise in advance. The review process may normally take up to 15 minutes.

To Hire a Web Developer Per Hour, Provide Us With:
  • Information about the changes you want to implement on your site
  • Access to your website and hosting
  • Any additional info needed to perform the requested tasks
When Do You Need Pay Per Hour Service?

There are lots of services aimed at website improvements. Still, it may be quite difficult to choose the ones that meet your goals. If you haven’t chosen any of them yet, we have a great offer for you!

Hire a Web Developer – Pay Per Hour Service is created to execute most of your striking ideas. It will suit you perfectly if you want to create custom changes that are not covered by other services. You will get professional assistance and guidance from our project managers, designers, and developers. This is also an opportunity to enhance your website potential.

The process is straightforward. At the first, our project manager will get in touch with you to discuss all the project details. Also, they will evaluate the time required to create those customizations. For this, it’s important to build tech requirements for our production department. You will also need to list the changes you want and approve the final list of customizations. Our team will do the rest.

As for the payment particularities. We’ll provide you with free consultations from one of our project managers. This means you don’t have to spend any penny discussing the details while your project is in a Production Department queue. Let's make it straight – all our clients pay only for the actual developing hours needed to complete the service.

We will do our best to complete the changes you’ve requested in the purchased service package. Still, if you want further modifications to be added to your site, you can hire a web developer for $20/hour.


How can I know how much time is needed to perform the changes without purchasing the service?
Contact our sales team in our Live Chat or by sending a message to projects@imw3.com


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