10 Best WordPress Plugins to grow your business

by | Nov 13, 2021

10 Best WordPress Plugins

Looking for the 10 Best WordPress Plugins to grow your business to the next level? We are often stuck while selecting the best WordPress plugin for SEO, social media, email, affiliate, backup, speed, and more.

Having the right set of WordPress plugins and tools included in your backend allows you to instantly improve the functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency of your site for both you and your audience and help develop your online business.

There are over 58,000+ WordPress plugins you can choose from. It is simply too heavy for new users to find the right plugin for their website. In this article, we have shared our expert pick of WordPress plugins for business websites in 2021.

So, here is our list of the 10 Best WordPress Plugins to grow your business


1. All-in-One WP Migration

This is the highest-ranking and most popular WordPress backup plugin with over four million currently active users. All-in-One WP Migration allows you to set up automatic backups and securely cloud for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Rackspace Cloud, S3, Rackspace, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, FTP, email, and more.

Backup is the initial layer of security for any WordPress website. This means that unsafe things like server crashes, hacking, security flaws, bad plugins or theme updates, and unsafe web hosts happen. Your website’s files and the database remains safe, and backups your site in the cloud, and restore it with one click.

Optional: Duplicator and UpdraftPlus are also excellent solutions


2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most widely used WordPress SEO plugins of all time. It has helped millions of websites like yours to rank higher in search engines and outrank competitors.

To rank highly in search engines, you need a better, faster, stronger website. Yoast provides the most comprehensive solution with all the features and tools you need to improve the on-page SEO that helps you bring more visitors to your website from search engines.

It helps you to optimize your post and page, improve readability, make internal and external linking, add meta tags, generate sitemaps, connect your site to Google Search Console, optimize it for social media, and more.

Yoast’s mission is SEO for Everyone, whether you’re running a personal blog or you’re an SEO professional managing a website for a client.


3. WP Rocket

Wp Rocket is considered to be the best WordPress caching plugin to speed up the performance of your website.

It allows you to instantly improve your WordPress website speed which is essential to improve SEO rankings and increase conversions.

A high page speed loading impacts the conversion rate and the user experience that is a prerequisite for its success.

WP Rocket comes with a wide range of options and automatic customization features and can be easily used by experienced WordPress users and beginners.

It also offers a free image optimization service to speed up your website Most importantly, WP Rocket does not wait for a person to request a page to save it in the cache. It automatically crawls and builds your website cache resulting in a quick performance boost.


4. Bloom opt-in forms

Bloom is an email opt-in plugin that was created to grow your email subscribers, increase sales, and grow your business.

It allows you to create beautiful popup forms, email subscription forms, hello bars, and other types of interactive pop-ups for your site in minutes.

Bloom comes with smart targeting and personalization features that show you the right popup message to the right user, at the right time.


5. Language Translator

WordPress does not come with the built-in capability to create multilingual websites. But fortunately, there is a powerful language translation plugin that allows you to easily add multilingual content to your website.

The main advantage of this plugin is that you can translate directly from the front end and for this, you do not need to write content in many languages. You can easily change languages during translation, and the live preview will change instantly.

Another advantage of this plugin is that you can translate content, themes, and even meta-data without changing the interface.


6. MONARCH Social Share and Follow

MONARCH Social Share and Follow Plugin for WordPress that gives you the ability to easily and securely add a smart bar with social media follow buttons of all Posts and/or Pages.

This plugin gives you fine control over buttons. You can choose the size of the icon, open the link in the current tab or in the new and etc.

You do not need to edit any file of your theme, this plugin will do everything for you. Just install, enable, and start enjoying your stylish social media follow buttons. The plugin supports the social share counting feature as well for each network. You can also choose to show the total shares on all networks.


7. Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

Using a security tool on your WordPress site should be a top priority for a successful business online.

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin is a globally recognized authority in all matters related to website security.

They protect your site from DDoS, malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, and have many important features such as malware scanning, web application firewalls, and file-system integrity checks.

If your website does not have a firewall, then you need to add one today. With malware, they will clean your WordPress site at no additional cost

It provides a basic free Security plugin that helps you harden WordPress security and scan your website for common threats.

But the real value is in paid plans, which come with the best WordPress firewall protection.

Sucuri website firewall helps you block brute force and filter out bad traffic before it even reaches your server.

In addition to security, their DNS level firewall with CDN gives you a tremendous performance boost and speeds up your website.


8. WP Forms

Every website needs a contact form as it makes it easy for your visitors to contact you. WPForms is the most user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. It integrates with all popular marketing and payment platforms, so you can build powerful forms for your site in minutes.

The drag & drop online form builder allows you to easily create beautiful contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, payment forms, surveys, polls, or any other type of online form with just a few clicks.

WPForms are 100% mobile responsive on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop) and are highly optimized for web and server performance that maintains the importance of speed, SEO, marketing, and conversion.

A free WPForms Lite version is available for those looking for a simpler solution.

If you’re seriously trying to grow your business, then we tend to advocate obtaining the Pro version as a result of it comes with all the powerful features you would like to boost up your lead generation efforts.


9. OptiMole

OptiMole is a cloud-based system that optimizes images in real-time to speed up your website and fully deliver high-quality images to every device.

Its uploads whatever images you have to WordPress and automatically optimizes them for better performance.

Once you install the plugin, you can start improving your site in minutes, with a one-click setup and minimal footprint.

OptiMole will replace all your image URLs with cloud-based URLs. It does not replace any images on your website, it does compress images on the fly.

When the image is requested, Optimole will implement the specific changes required by the device and pass it on to your visitors. OptiMole supports all screen sizes and visitors will view every image without any hassles.

It is fully compatible to work with page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, and WordPress 5.0.

This allows users to add custom watermarks to their images to ensure that no one is stealing images. With easy tracking and monitoring features, users can check how much of the bandwidth and disk space is regained.


10. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress which helps you to discover how your audience finds and interacts with your content. So you can grow your audience and bring them back.

It allows you to easily connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics in just a few clicks, and easily see at a glance how your site is performing.

It is easy to manually add your Google Analytics code, set up your event tracking, and deal with the learning curve of Google Analytics.

MonsterInsights simplifies everything for you, directly from your WordPress dashboard with just a click. There is no coding required.

The plugin provides you with a detailed report about your website.


Conclusion – 10 Best WordPress Plugins to grow your business

WordPress plugins add extra functionality to your website design, marketing, and a variety of other aspects related to growth. No matter what type of website you’re running, we believe there are certain plugins needed for just about every type of website.


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